Sarvodaya Farms

Sarvodaya Farms was started by Manju and Rishi Kumar, who transformed a vacant urban backyard lot into a lush oasis of community food production. Lynn Fang started a compost operation there in 2015, which has grown to process 58,000 lbs of food waste since 2016. Food waste is mixed with horse bedding, green waste, and wood chips to produce a high quality soil amendment. All of the compost produced goes to feed the farm, and is the primary source of soil fertility. The farm is self-sufficient in its compost production, and has not needed to purchase outside compost at all. From this compost, over 20,000 lbs of food has been grown and harvested since 2016. The composting program is part of our Farmer Training Program, where we teach people how to compost at a community scale. A partnership with LA Compost was developed in summer of 2016 when Michael Martinez came and built a worm bench for us.

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