Start Community Composting

Joining a community compost hub is an easy way to reduce your household food waste, connect to your neighborhood/community, and promote healthy soils in LA.


STep 1: Connect

Get connected to your local compost hub by sending us a message with either a) the name of the hub you would like to join based off the Where We Compost Map OR b) your zip code. With this info, our team will send you the drop off instructions for your compost hub.

Name *

step 2: Collect & drop off

The fun part! Collect your household food scraps at home making sure you’re following the compost hub guidelines. Visit the Compost FAQs page if you have any questions. Once you’re ready to drop off, visit your hub, weigh, record, and drop your scraps in the open bin.


step 3: Support your hub

Each hub is a unique community ecosystem. Your individual hub will operate on its own calendar of volunteer events and compost pile turning days. When you join a hub you’ll receive info on how to best support your compost hub in addition to providing food scraps. You can also follow @lacompost on social media to stay up to date on special hub events.